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Young Adults; 18 - 30 somethings

We would love to welcome you to Trinity Churches. whether you are new to the area, home from uni, or have been around Shrewsbury for years.  We are planning all sorts of things to help you get connected  here, and would love to see you and hear from you if there are other things you woild lime to see happening

Quotes from our recent BBQ (it was not quite sunny!)

“I really enjoyed meeting people of similar age”, “it was great to get to know people outside church, it was really relaxed” and “though I’m at the upper age, it was nice to be there, I really enjoyed it”



‘FACEBOOK GROUP ‘Club18-30something‘   We’d love you to join this Facebook group so we can connect, help you identify friendly faces. Its somewhere for you to network and be kept up to date with info.

Social events
We are planning a whole range of social events over the coming months
Open 'Social events'

Pints of Views
‘Pints of View’, on the 4th Wednesday of every month at the Brooklands Pub, Meole Brace at 7:45-9:30pm, aims to provide a safe, relaxed, friendly and non-judgemental environment where 18-30s can talk honestly and openly about their doubts and struggles with faith and church
Open 'Pints of Views'