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Introducing Rhythms of Grace

Jesus in the great commission in Matthew 28 gave instructions to his followers to go and make what?…not converts…not church members….but ‘disciples of all nations.’ He demonstrated in these last words of his, that one of the core businesses, maybe even the core business of the church, was to make ‘disciples, who made disciples.’

So, as we continue to seek to ‘go deeper,’ and learn what it means to be life-long whole-life disciples of Christ, we will we will continue to explore the Five Rhythms of Grace, which have been put together as part of the Community of Saint Chad

Small gorup material can be download by clicking on the links and sermons are avialable to listen to here

Rhythm One:      By God’s grace, I will seek to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

                                  Small group material for rhythm 1

Please also click here to download a  guide on 'reviewing your day'

Rhythm Two:      By God’s grace, I will be open to the presence, guidance and power of   the Holy Spirit.

                                   Small group material for rhythm 2

Rhythm Three:   By God’s grace, I will set aside time for prayer, worship and spiritual reading.

                                   Small group material for rhythm 3

                                   30 days of selected readings

Rhythm Four:     By God’s grace, I will endeavour to be a gracious presence in the world, serving others and working for justice in human relationships and social structures.

                                      Small group material for rhythm 4

Click here for some practical exampless of ways we can live out this rhythm during Lent

Rhythm Five:      By God’s grace, I will sensitively share my faith with others and support God’s mission both locally and globally. 

                                       Small group material for rhythm 5

These five rhythms are not a set of rules that dictate how we are to behave, but rather act as a series of aspirational statements which we are all invited as disciples of Christ, and in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, to commit to.

Let us pray that as we seek to pursue these together and ‘go deeper’ as a church with God, that He will do his work of transformation in each one of us, so that in turn we can bring His transformation to  our community, and truly become a church of ‘disciples who make disciples.’

Spiritual Companion Groups

The Community of St Chad encourages individuals to join Spiritual Companion Groups. These are small groups of people (usually between 2 and 4) who commit themselves, on an annual basis, to meet regularly to encourage and support each other in their desire to become people deeply rooted in God and to grow in spiritual maturity. For more details of how Spiritual Companion Groups might work click here

Existing small groups may choose to adapt this model and every so often split up into smaller sub-groups which may act a bit like Spiritual Companion Groups.

Other people might like to form separate Spiritual Companion Groups. If you are interested in doing this or want to find out more then please do get in touch with Dave Bruce

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