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The church leader Bill Hybels wrote "The local Church is the hope of the world." We long to see that come true here in Shrewsbury.... 

And so we believe passionately in what we call 'every member ministry'.  God has given every one of us gifts and talents and wants us to use them in works of service.  Much of this will be where God has put us 24/7, whether the workplace, the communities where we live, the places we leisure etc.

We also want to encourage everyone who joins the family here at Trinity Churches to get involved in some area of church ministry and there are plenty to choose from!   Each of us has a role to play in growing the Kingdom of God at Trinity Churches and getting involved is also a great a way of meeting new people and learning more about what God is doing here. We encourage everyone to explore where God may be calling you to minister. 

Worship and Prayer - including welcome, intercessions, prayer ministry, welcome, bible reading, operating the audio visual euipment or  music.  

Hospitality and welcome - including working in Cafe Connect, Trinity Table, coffee mornings and Radbrook Community Tea.  

Children and Youth - including working with or supporting, Youth Clubs, Sunday groups, Toddler Groups, school assemblies and after school clubs

Pathways to faith - including mentoring, prayer for healing, courses and Connect2 distribution.

Lifelong Discipleship - including our teams leading the Marriage and Parenting courses, Marriage or baptism preparation..

Justice and Care - including working in the Trinity Money Advice Centre (TMAC) or Soul Purpose

Ministry on fhe Meole Estate - including Bible and Bingo, Holiday at Home, trasnport, pastorak care.

MInistry Support - including everything from grass cutting to gardening, communication tems to envelope stuffing.

and there are many more.  to find out more you can download the latest edition of the Trinity Yellow Book, with a comprehensive list of all our ministry and discipleship opportunities here

We believe that God has a role for you here and look forward to exploring what it might be.

Getting Involved
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