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The Parenting Teenagers Course

Starting on 19 January 2011 Trinity Churches will be offering a Parenting Teenagers Course for those who want to improve the way they bring up their childtren, of any age.

For more details, or to register an interest in attending, please contact us

Do your teenagers occupy a different universe?

Those of us currently having the joy of parenting teenagers will probably remember Kevin the teenager, a creation of Harry Enfield.  In preparing for running a course on parenting teenagers we have been watching the show again on YouTube, particularly the sketch when, on his 13th birthday Kevin transforms from a cheerful, excitable boy to a surly, uncommunicative teenager in the space of a few seconds.

If you are in the midst of binging up teenagers, it may feel like Kevin the teenager lives in your household from time to time, it certainly felt like that for us!  Or maybe your darling children are beginning to exhibit the first signs of Kevin like behaviours and you are wondering what to do next?  Whichever is the case the 'Family Time' parenting teenagers course, being run in Trinity Churches from January next year, is for you.  Running over 6 Wednesday evening sessions from January 19th, we will look at issues such as the teenage universe, communication, teenage growth, tensions that may arise and the pressures that our teenagers face.

 The course is full of practical wisdom and humour and should provide a place for parents to share learn and laugh together.  We certainly do not have all the answers, you have only to ask our own teenagers to be assured of that, but we are looking forward to learning together with you.

Contact us for details of the next course


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