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Worship Central
A course to train, equip and inspire those involved in worship in our churches.
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Helping our children to find faith
Helping our children to find faith is a parenting course, run at Trinity Churches designed to ‘encourage Christian parents in the nurture of their children in the faith’.
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The Start Course
A 6 week course starting January 2013, where you can ask life's impotant questions
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Beer and Spirit
Genuine faith should stand up at work, in hospital, in the pub... Let’s start with the pub.
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A brief course designed to help those newer to Trinity Churches to engage more fully in our mission and ministry
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New members events
New or feeling new to Trinity Churches? New members events are held regularly to help you find out more about the life of our church and to meet other church members, both new and not so new.
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The Parenting Teenagers Course
A new course for all those wanting to spend time improving thier parenting skills with teenagers
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Growing Leaders
A course for existing and emerging leaders in the church running in Trinity Churches
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A monthly opportunity for all at Trinity Churches to develop new gifts and step out in faith.
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The Marriage Course
Running from January 2013, the Marriage Course is designed to strengthen relationships to last a lifetime
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