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 Phil writes

I am aware that some of the pressures of ministry and demands on time for clergy means that I’m not always as available for people as I know I would like. I don’t want to give the impression that “you can never see the vicar, he’s too busy”, or to be inaccessible to people to come and talk me to about what is going on around the parish. So I’d like to experiment with something new to be more available to people across the parish.

I’m calling it ‘MTV’, which can either stand for ‘More Tea Vicar’ or ‘Meet the Vicar’, whichever you wish! I’m going to trial a weekly ‘surgery hour’ when I’m going to be available for people to come and talk to. This isn’t the time for those o u t s i d e  t h e congregations to come and book weddings and baptisms etc – that happens already

It is rather an opportunity for church members to come and see me about anything they wish. The time and location will vary each week, and will be advertised in the weekly Update and on the calendar. You don’t need to book in advance, you can just turn up. If one person turns up then they’ll have a longer slot, but obviously if more people come then they may not have so long. This isn’t to replace the longer meetings that of course I and my fellow leaders here at Trinity Churches want to have with people. It isn’t really the time for extended discussion and prayer, which is important but needs more time with myself or colleagues in the church. Neither does it replace home visiting, which is a crucial part of pastoral ministry in the parish. But it is perhaps a middle‚Äźway between the rush of that thirty second chat on a Sunday, and a structured 90 minute meeting! For many people it might be a ten minute chat to clarify something, or because they’re concerned about someone, or to let me know something.There’s no perfect m e t h o d o f communication and pastoral work. This isn’t perfect, and isn’t the only way that I can make myself available to serve and lead here. But please accept it as a genuine desire to be available, and that ‘the vicar isn’t always too busy’!Though of course, ifno one turns up, then ‘MTV’ really will be a case of ‘More tea vicar’...!


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