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Baptisms, weddings and funerals

They say that “Hatching, matching and despatching” makes the ideal plot of a soap opera. But it also forms an important part of the local church serving the local community....

Are you looking to get married? We’ve had over twenty weddings in 2010, and provide a great venue for a church wedding. Do come and discuss this more, and whether it is possible for you to get married at Holy Trinity Meole Brace.

Or a christening for your children? Again, we’d love to talk more. Our churches are places where children and young people are welcome every week, and we love helping parents think through what baptism—and being part of God’s family—is all about.

Have you lost a loved one? The clergy team are involved in a number of funerals across the parish, at Holy Trinity and at the crematorium. Its our privilege and call to walk alongside families at a time of loss, and one we take very seriously.



Contact us for details of how you, or a child in your family can be baptised, (also sometimes called Christened) at Trinity Churches.
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The loss of a loved one can be a very difficult time. It is our privelige to be there to help you both for the funeral itself and beyond.
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Let us help you celebrate that special day with a church wedding.
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