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Sermon series this term

From September - Morning series - Down and Out?

“Going deeper” and “Reaching further” through the book of Philippians

In our morning series in the autumn we’re going to be looking at the book of Philippians. This is a truly amazing book, and if nothing else is full of encouragement. Paul isn’t writing to correct doctrine or rebuke lifestyle. Rather he is writing a ‘thank you’ letter, using warm, personal and loving terms to bring encouragement to the Church. In fact, Paul used to boast about the Philippian church in other places he went.

It is also a book full of joy; in fact the word “joy” is used many times through the letter. This is remarkable, given that Paul is under house arrest in Rome, chained to a Roman guard and awaiting an uncertain future. How we need a renewal of joy in the church across the world today.

As we go through the book, time and time again we’re going to see two of our core areas of vision; “going deeper” and “reaching further.” There is a natural flow through the epistle, as there must be in our church and in our lives. As we go deeper with God, so we are sent out to make him known to others. As we engage in prayer and grow in Christ, so we become more faithful and effective in our mission. As we ‘live out our salvation’ and all that God has done for us, so too does that transform communities. As we encounter the living God and his goodness in our lives, so we become generous people to others.

There’s an amazing kingdom dynamic here; we go deeper in our discipleship, and we reach further in mission.  May God give us grace to see this more clearly, and – as Paul prays – that “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.” (Philippians 1:6)

Evening series - ‘What is His name?’

‘What is his name?’ was the question on everyone’s lips as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge proudly showed off the new royal baby to the world for the first time back in July. A few days later the name of the future heir to the throne was officially announced - George Alexander Louis – and each of those three names was significant and meant something special to the royal couple.

As we read the Bible we see that God has many different names. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God reveals himself to his people through these different names. Each name has a particular meaning and acts like a miniature portrait, describing a different aspect of God’s character and personality. It is as we grasp the full meaning of these different names we truly understand something of who God is and what he is like, which then means we can truly worship him for who he is.

Over the next few weeks at the evening service we will be looking at some of the different names for God including ‘I am who I am’, ‘The Lord my provider’, ‘The Lord my healer’, ‘The Lord my banner’, ‘The Lord my peace’, ‘The Lord my shepherd’, ‘The Lord my righteousness’, ‘The Lord my sanctifier’, ‘The Lord is there’ and ‘The Lord Almighty.’ As we do so, we pray that God will reveal himself to us in a new and deeper way, and as we more fully encounter the God of the Bible, that he will lead us into more faithful service and more profound and heartfelt worship.

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